Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is what happens when I don't blog enough -- I end up with a mega-post trying to catch up with everything! Having a sprog at home means I don't really get time for this but I'm making it happen tonight, wooooooh! Yeah. I'm going to split this up into new tune, old tune, albums, soundclouds, and a mix.

Ok, been hearing this on BBC Radio 6 a lot, you've probably heard it if you're into things, but I only heard it this week. It's a great glam-rock stomper, and it's by the Black Keys:

I've not heard much Black Keys but I think I'll have to check 'em out now.

Just a random track that's been in my head lately. I miss these slinky sounds. MJ Cole always got great reviews so it may be worthwhile picking up his album (or at least the one this track is off of):

Couple of artists I like have put out new albums recently and handily stuck them up on Soundcloud to be previewed for free. I quite like that tactic, it allows fans to hear things and then decide if they want to buy but without having to mess around with illegal downloads. I at least would consider buying an album I liked properly, on a physical format, as I think the sound is better and I'm over being cheap and trying to own everything that gets a good review. So, I recently checked o out the new Tindersticks and the new Scuba. Entirely different types of music but there you go. I can't really comment on the Tindersticks yet as I've only heard it once and need to give it some more time, but I tried Scuba's album, 'Personality', a few times. It definitely sounded better at home, played at a good volume through some good speakers, but it still left me a bit cold, like something was missing. Just didn't move me fully, but there are some good tracks and it's worth a listen -- but only if you've got a good way to listen; don't rely on computer speakers, everything'll sound bad that way.

Scuba - Personality [HFCD007] by Hotflush

The Something Rain - TINDERSTICKS by Constellation Records

A couple of other Soundclouds I've checked out and enjoyed recently have been Gold Panda's and Graphics'. Both are electronic artists, Gold Panda being a bit more dreamy while Graphics is a bit harder. Good to stick on a decent stereo while you go about your business. I'd just go direct to their pages, hit play, and let Soundcloud go through the tracks if were you.

Lastly, a mix by Aeroplane, who I did not see when he played U Street Music Hall recently (other act I didn't see: Carl Craig). He puts up a mix on his Soundcloud every month but I listened to a few last year and didn't really like them. Randomly came across the Februrary 2012 one though and got into it so I'm putting it up here. Much dancier than what I'd heard before, which is what I like -- I don't mixes which are supposedly dancey but then are too eclectic and start off with a bunch of weird stuff that you can't really dance to. No point, other than to try and create an out there setlist that may impress people. Can't be easy coming up with good mixes though, when everyone's at it. I wonder how these DJ's come across good tracks to pick that haven't been played out already? Hmm.
Aeroplane February 2012 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)