Monday, December 31, 2012

More Jewels on Jools

Oof, look at that, it's been a month!  A whole month!  Well, I'm back now, mostly because I watched Jools Holland on Palladia this morning and found some things I liked, and had some thoughts on it too.  First off, it's a big shame that Palladia cuts the show down in order to show ads -- they cut out performances to do so, and interviews, and in this episode they cut a performer out altogether!  Not cool, but at least there's Youtube to catch up on things with.

On to the show, and  I will of course be pasting in (too) many videos, but still want to say that I was very impressed with Natasha Khan's dancing and liked how Soundgarden brought the RAWK -- Chris Cornell's voice is still really good.  I'm not a big fan of the band's tunes to be honest but they did make a change to what's on the show otherwise.

Two Door Cinema Club were on and I found out that they're not from the west coast of America but are actually from Northern Ireland.  Not impressed by their clothes or haircuts I must say, and out of their three songs I only liked one -- the other two had that dancey DFA beat that I'm not really much of a fan of (I prefer proper dance music, sniff).  But this track was alright:

Next, the Staves.  I didn't want to like them despite their very photogenic singer, but I found myself listening to this song and getting a bit nostalgic for I don't know what.  And I liked the whistling:

Now some Bat for Lashes.  When her newest album came out earlier this year I listened to some of it online but wasn't too impressed.  But I liked everything I heard on Jools, so perhaps I need to give it another go?  Or maybe it's the live touch that's helping.  During this song I wondered if she was miming but I know that's not allowed; now that I've heard it again I feel a bit silly for even wondering.  Note to Two Door Cinema Club: this is how you do a dance beat:

I really liked this song by her too.

Last vid here, and this is from a show I saw a few weeks ago, but I have to put it up cos it may be the most amazing performance I've ever seen on Jools.  Here is Willy Moon: