Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I can't stand the

Sometimes I wonder if there's any point in posting, since a lot of my posts are basically "hey, I heard this and liked it".  But then I look back on a post, hear something great that I posted, and think this is worth it damn it!  Even if the posts are ultra simple, maybe it's something a reader hasn't come across... and if nothing else it's a useful archive for me/us.

So, on to what I've heard and liked recently, heh.  Vince Staples is a rapper out of Long Beach who's quite critically acclaimed -- in fact his latest album, Big Fish Theory, has been described as the second best rap album of 2017 so far (first being Damn by Kendrick Lamar, which is good, so good that when he pops up on Big Fish Theory I get quite happy).  I had to listen to it with praise like that, so got it out from the library.  I've found it a mixed bag -- overall good, but some of the production is a little overwhelming, at least as heard in my car.  There a couple of tracks I really like though, I only wish they were longer!  Almost every track on the album is around three minutes long, or less, which just doesn't seem like enough to me.  Interesting little thing I noticed -- at least three of the tracks mention rain; I wonder if the recent end of the drought in Southern California affected Staples' writing?

First track up is Crabs in a Bucket.  It's the opener for the album, and I was hoping it would set the tone for a UK funky type of direction, but it didn't -- the album is pretty electronic though.  This track actually reminds me a bit of Hyph Mngo by Joy Orbison -- see what you think:

It's definitely a track that I'd like to see a full 12 inch version of, with remixes, if things like that still happen -- could work well on the dancefloor.

Next is up is a track called Alyssa Interlude, but don't let the name fool you -- it's not much shorter than the other tracks on the album, and yeah, I wish it was a lot longer -- it feels like it's just getting started when it ends.  Features an interesting clip of Amy Winehouse talking at the beginning:

The album itself is only 12 tracks, so a quick listen and I would say worth checking out.