Sunday, June 12, 2016


Heard some lovely, lovely, atmospheric and groovy music in the past week that I had to archive/share.  First up is this track by BadBadNotGood, who I've written about before.  Time Moves Slow is very soulful without sounding like a pastiche of the past; it's from their upcoming album IV:

I've also featured Bibio on this blog before.  I came across this track, Petals, earlier today.  The video is not official, but it's pretty good regardless, the kind of thing I wouldn't mind having a longer loop of to play in my hypothetical office:

Slightly moodier direction now with Can't Say No by Ivy Lab featuring Roses Gabor.  Makes me think of late nights in cities, shiny glass and concrete, reflections off cars driven slowly.  Kind of menacing.

Bonus Track: Rush by Roses Gabor

Dang, listening to this stuff is making me want to put together a mix tape!