Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Fahad, the sibling who most regularly posts on this family music blog, has a new baby :-) Many congratulations to Fahad and Bhabi, he is quite busy and will be for a while, so it might take some time for him to post again on The Ashraf Obsession.

Moving on, this post is about Samir Alikhanizadeh, aka Happa, a teenage producer from the UK. I believe his name stands for "half a persian prince and". I wish I could remember how I first heard of Happa. I heard his track "Bring it Back" a few months ago and was blown away that a 15 year-old kid made it. Have a listen, its quite layered and clever:

Resident Advisor just put up a short film about little Happa. He talks about his upbringing, how he got into music, what it's like to be an underage DJ, and his battle with Crohn's disease. Check it out:

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