Monday, February 25, 2013

the News

Having one of those days today, just coming across loads of cool new music that's got me thinking about all kinds of things.  Started with 6 Music and then I got caught up in an internet music link wormhole!  Happens every now and then.  Heard Disclosure and Steve Mason first, which led me to AlunaGeorge and TNGHT.  Trying to stop with just those as, apparently, too much music per post is not a good thing.  On a music blog. I ask you.

I first heard of Disclosure after hearing a great mix by them a couple of months ago at XLR8R.  Seems like they're getting quite big in the UK now and they've just put out a great new single, White Noise, which features another new act, AlunaGeorge.  The video for the track is pretty great, and it's shot in Detroit!:

There's a pretty tight remix of the song that will (hopefully) be officially released.  It's by Scot Hudson Mohawke:

He's one half of an outfit called TNGHT, who've got this track out:

Can't tell, but I'm pretty that'll sound wicked out of a good stereo.

To summarise the above, we've got "future-garage" (Disclosure), "future R n B" (AlunaGeorge), and "future hip-hop" (TNGHT).  Those labels are all from the interwebs, you can decide on your own genre distinctions I think.  I have to say, though, that terms like these do get me pretty excited for the music before I even hear it -- thinking it's some mix of nostalgia, love of new stuff, and wanting to tap into UK urban scenes.

Anyway, last up, someone who doesn't really fit in with the above young 'n' new stuff, Steve Mason, ex of the Beta Band.  I really like his voice and guessed it was him when I heard this, a new track from a forthcoming new LP.  This song should serve as a pleasant come down form the previous glitchy madness:

When I hear this new, great, stuff, I do actually think about picking up a Disclosure single, or a Steve Mason album, but I know they'll just add to the clutter around my house -- it's so hard to find the time to stop, sit, and properly listen to music anymore.  That's nothing to do with life nowadays -- I think it's more to do with being mid-30's with a job, a wife, and a kid.  And also cos of life nowadays!  Hopefully you have more time than me, and can have a good listen.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the Wales, part 4

Finally getting round to writing about the band that first inspired my "the Wales" posts, but it's taken me so long to get round to it that the band has broken up in the meantime!  That band was Racehorses, who I first heard on 6 Music.  I was immediately captured by their sound -- a very clean indie sound that sounded like it could be from 1986 except it was just too clean.  I got fooled the first few times I heard them on the radio, thinking it was a band from the past, only to be told it was Racehorses.   I'm going to post the two songs I heard on the radio somewhere below.  Sadly, they really have broken up, as of a few weeks ago, boo hoo.

The two songs I heard are both tunes I really like, 'Mates' and 'Sisters'.  Both have a sad quality that appeals to me, hidden beneath the pop, and the latter reminds me a bit of Pulp.  I think that has less to do with the sound of the song and more to do with the content and the use of the word 'sister'.  If you've heard 'Babies' you may understand what I'm talking about.

Another Welsh artist I heard recently is Sweet Baboo.  Not much info on the lad from me, you can check out the link if you'd like to know more, but I heard him singing 'Cate's Song' on the radio and enjoyed it so here you go.  Could only find this link to it, which is to a British Council session (had no idea they do those), but the first song is the one I'm talking about, which makes things easier.

Friday, February 8, 2013

the Weeknd

Coupla tracks for the weekend, since it's Friday morning and I'm getting that weekend feeling!

Heard both of these on 6 Music -- first up, Dutch Uncles, followed by Yacht.  Time for a Crunchie, if I can find one.  Otherwise a dance in the living room will have to do.

Quite liking that fellas baggy tucked-in shirt, goes with the general 80s vibe of the song I think.

More info on the Yacht track here.

Joy Orbison's playing at U Street Music Hall this weekend.  Not really sure if I'll go though, first cos it's on a Sunday night, secondly cos I just don't know if I'll really enjoy the clubbing experience, especially as I'll probably go by myself.  Sad, eh?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jewels on Jools

Only one video today is from the Jools Holland show I just watched, the other is from the past but came to mind today.

First up, Tracey Thorn -- great voice, great hair, great dress.  A thought popped into my head when I was watching her sing, something that may only occur to dentists; namely that if Tracey Thorn had grown up in America she'd look totally different.  She probably would've had surgery to fix her underbite, which would've   totally changed her face and look.  Wonder what else would've changed about her then?

Second video is of Roni Size and Reprazent live on Jools back in '97.  Just popped into my head that they may have been on the show, and they were.  I saw them live in Detroit when they were touring this song and the album it came off (New Forms) and it was the only time I've seen music like this played live -- he was (and still is?) definitely an innovator when it came to live dance music.  Sad when so many musicians and DJ's now are content to just fiddle around behind a macbook.  Check out the set-up these guys had!  Check  out the size of the computer monitor and the black and white looking software they're running!  Definitely took a lot of talent and work to make something like this come together back then.