Sunday, May 30, 2010


I know that Fahad wrote about the Gorillaz album a few weeks ago. I've been listening to it and had to share this track called "Empire Ants". It really is one of the most amazing and beautiful songs I've ever heard. Its just on a whole different level. Damon Albarn, please make more music like this!

Have a listen, and wonder, what does this song make you think of?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Myspace files: Caribou

Been hearing quite a lot about Caribou, who's just put out a new album and got some good reviews. He's coming to DC next week with former Myspace-filer Toro y Moi, so what better way to get a taste for his tunes than to check out his Myspace? I like what I've heard and I think I'll see if I can Craigslist some tickets. Overall the sound is dancey and quite close to straight up house. Sung vocals and a lo-fi aspect give things a more indie vibe but thankfully it doesn't stray into annoying DFA/punk-funk territory (though there is a prominent cowbell-like sound on 'Odessa'). Reminds me more of early dance in a pleasing way, with vocals that have some 80's and New Wave overtones, though the track 'Sun' is pretty much straight up dance with just one repeating vocal sample. New album 'Swim" seems like it's the fifth one put out by the Canadian -- catch him on tour and you can get a tour-only release.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deadboy - If U Want Me

Another kind of already old track that I'm only now getting round to telling you about. Been hearing this on quite a few mixes and think it's well worth putting up. It's by another young Londoner, goes by the name of Deadboy, and it's another infectious and dancey track. Loving this sound right now, not sure what genre it goes by (UK bass? Funky? Dubstep? House? 2-step?) as I was never good with genres, but this sound seems to be all over the place at the moment, at least it is if you check out mixes on FACT and XLR8R. Check out those sites for some good and regular new mixes. Another place I've been getting some good recommendations is over at the AVClub's monthly Beat Connection blog. Anyway, back to Deadboy:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joy Orbison - You heard it here last

Actually, if one of your main sources of music info is this blog you probably haven't heard of him at all. Well, let me fill you in, or at least tell you about one of his singles. Joy Orbison is a relatively new musician out of London who's put out some tracks and gotten a lot of attention. He combines the europhic sounds of early rave and jungle with some more 2-steppy stuff; some would say he's dubstep, I'm not so sure myself. His first single is the one I bought last month, 'Hyph Mngo' b/w 'Wet Look'. Both tracks use isolated vocal samples to infuse some warmth, along with analogue synth sounds and a danceable BPM. 'Hyph Mngo' pretty much put Joy on the map and I'm amongst the many who are looking forward to a full-length from him.