Friday, June 13, 2014

New, Newer

Martyn's new one is streaming.  Little write-up in the DC Citypaper here, and the stream is officially at Thump (as well as below, until it's not).

Liking it so far, especially after reading the write-up.

The Manic's already have a follow-up to Rewind the Film ready -- it's out next month, but the newest single has been on the radio.  The new album, Futurology, will be a more rigorous one than the last -- Ooh er missus.  Check out the single -- sounds like they're singing about Richey, but they claim otherwise.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pardon the interruption

Many things, minimal info (sorry), but all just tunes I've heard and liked.

Caribou will be back soon, and has put a new track up as a taster.  I'm liking it, and I'm looking forward to probably live shows.

I just checked the website and Caribou will play the Black Cat on my birthday!  Hurrah!

Here's a track by Sohn.  Liked something else by him recently, one to watch.

A rapping British farm-girl.  You don't see that everyday!  Kate Tempest:

It's funny how so many British rappers rap in the same accent.

Finally, something with some German in it: Sabina.  Not Sabrina, Sabina:

Actually one more thing.  Stromae is coming to DC in September.  It was announced yesterday and it's already sold out!  Who knew Belgian pop music was so popular in la DC?  I bet it's all European World Bankers and what not.