Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November commute tunes #3: Small lizard chronicles

Aah, lovely lovely songs.  And I think they're all linked??  Most of them anyway, by Little Dragon.  I first heard of them when they featured on a Gorillaz record.  They already seemed like a band I felt I should have heard of back then.  I can't say I've paid them loads of attention since, but they'll pop up on singles I like here and there. 

First up, here they are with BadBadNotGood.  Another band who have tracks I like, but I'm not necessarily a fan.  They're also an example of a band who I didn't like as much live -- I prefer them on record, their live show was pretty unenjoyable.  Anyway, I love this track, very atmospheric:

Now, here they are with SBTRKT; I heard this next one again today:

Now here's one by just them!  It's from their latest EP, which is meant to be a dancey and positive record.  This track definitely fulfills that mandate:

Ok, last track now, and it's destroying my Little Dragon link cos I don't think this person has any link to them (I could definitely be wrong).  This is by Jon Hopkins and it's pretty great.  I saw him live once, supporting the XX.  Can't really remember much about the show, but I think he'd be good on stage. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

More Commute Tunes - November 2018 #2

I completely forgot that I'd heard the Smashing Pumpkins new track during my drives!  I really like it, it's as good as their 90's stuff, and even the video is straight from that era!  Weird seeing that one guy in it (the one posted below starts after about two minutes of boring wank, but you can go back and see it if you want).

When I first heard this I actually thought it was the Manic Street Preachers until the chorus kicked in.  I'll post a Manics track below too, because why not? 

This next track has nothing to do with commuting.  I found it via my electronic music equipment purchasing hobby.  I was looking up a Korg synthesizer that came up on Craigslist and came across various artists who'd used only that instrument to make tracks and albums, including this EP by Deceptikon.  And below is a remix version which I quite like. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Commute Tunes November 2018 #1

About time for another edition of commute tunes.  I should probably just start a Spotify playlist, but who would listen?  Not me, no time.  And then there'd be no writing for company.  I do find myself slightly overwhelmed by all the media choices I have right now.  Especially as I'm driving, which makes it a bit tuffer to take notes, or do searches right there and then.  First world problems, as Ian Brown would say (follow the link to the Ian Brown song that sounds like he took a Bontempi version of  Primal Scream's Loaded and changed the words). 

In fact, I just looked at my notes, and they're so bad that there's only one track to highlight.  Hardly seems worth it, but I will do it anyway.  It's "Offence" by Little Simz, and I love the way the drums bang and the tune's elements are pretty minimal but so effective. 

Here's a bit of news your may have missed -- Mike Skinner and The Streets are back, and you can hear their album on Spotify.  Not sure if it's elsewhere, his twitter linked to Spotify.