Saturday, March 24, 2018

Theme from

Mixed post today.  I watched all of 'Detectorists' on Netflix not too long ago and really enjoyed it.  It's a lovely, simple, gentle show about a couple of friends who are into metal detecting.  Great shots of the countryside and an easy, comforting, plot.  And I really liked the folky theme tune, which reminds me of some other theme tunes, so here we go -- a theme for the post, hah.  This is by Johnny Flynn:

Next, the theme to 'Family Tree' by Ron Sexsmith.  The show was cancelled after one season.  It was also pretty nice to watch, like 'Detectorists', but had a bit more going on. And it lacked the lovely scenery. 

And another -- I watched this cartoon with the kids and the track stood out -- it's by George Ezra, from the film 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt':

All of these remind me of Bibio.  And the general theme reminds me of this :) :