Friday, January 17, 2014


So, Cate Le Bon was in town this week, playing at DC9 for a mere $10.  I thought, "yes, I'll check that out, I like the tunes of hers I've heard".  Apparently, though,  I wasn't the only one, as when I got there with another tAO contributor (hint: it was a male, with his wife) the show was sold out!  Sold out!  The lessons here are a) never underestimate the popularity of Welsh singer-songwriters and b) go ahead and spend the extra dollars on buying a concert ticket over the web, cos you just never know.  And if it's not a ticketmaster show then the fees won't be much more than a return Metro ride anyway -- probably less in fact!  Sigh.  Some examples of Le Bon's craft follow (quite literally in the case of the first video).  Followed by another Wave Pictures song which I just heard and liked.

I was over missing that show but that live video has bummed me out again.  Le sigh.