Friday, February 13, 2015

Triple Threat

Just heard all three of these tracks yesterday.

I posted about Woods a while back and this first track is by the Babies, a band featuring a former Woods member by the name of Kevin Morby.  There's a nice bit of trivia for you there, as well as a link to the past of this here blog.  

Next, Maribou State.  What do I know about them?  I know they're coming to U Street Music Hall in April, that's what.  I'm digging their laid-back sounds so may have to check the show out.

Here are another act that I've featured before, Welsh housesters Bodhi with a decent remix of George the Poet.

Lastly, this gorgeously moody track by the Unthanks -- I really like the organ here.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Nu Free Sounds

In my last post (see below, probably) I wrote about Ghostly putting a free new compilation with a Dauwd track on it.  Initially the Dauwd track (which is, as always, amazing) was my only point of interest, but I've listened to the whole compilation a few times now and I highly recommend you check it out -- it's full of great, quality stuff and it's FREE.  You have nothing to lose!  You don't even have to download it cos you can stream it at the site -- so go ahead!  I'm quite happy that something that's being given away is still so good.

I also posted not too long about Caribou (Dan Snaith) posting a massive playlist of his favourite tracks on Youstube.  It's full of gems, and as I come across especially good ones I may post them, which I'm about to do.  What I really like about this tune is it's sheer weirdness, makes a nice change.

Lastly, a track I've had on my mp3 player for months now cos I enjoy it every time it pops up.  Originally recommended by Alexis Petridis, I can't say I love the whole album it comes off of, but this track is quite stirring.  Part of me wants to resist, cos the track obviously wants to take the listener to a certain place; but it's so well done that the time has come to share it with you.   Check out 'Says' by Nils Frahm, preferably on good speakers or headphones and at a good volume: