Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday night choons

Once again I'm going to easily prove just how out of it I am by posting up tunes that are probably super old but new to me.  I was driving home and listening to Pete Tong count down his top tracks of the year when I heard these two tunes by artists we've featured before (herehere, and here).  Great tracks, really great, make sure you turn it up and if there's a small child nearby who can dance with you then all the better.  

First up, George FitzGerald, remixed by Scuba.  Didn't know George FitzGerald had an album out, but I think I may pick it up if this track is anything to go by.  We've had Scuba on here before too. 

Next, Bicep, who don't have an album out.  Yet.

I got home right at the start of the top 10, will have to go back and finish the show off this weekend, or maybe during the commute next week.  Quite amazing how easy it is to keep up with things thousands of miles away now -- I can just turn my car on, turn my phone on, and it's like I've got UK radio on my car stereo.  I do wonder about how disconnected something like that makes me from my actual surroundings -- it's not like I can get to work and discuss the last Pete Tong show with anyone.  But I think I'd rather be disconnected than tune into what's actually happening or popular around me.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I could do with another

Time for another collection of tracks that I'm partial to.  First up one by Field Music, a band I often here on 6 Music and usually like.  There's something about the production of this song that makes me thing of music from the late 70's, especially the vocals.  An XTC vibe perhaps?  

Now for some nice garagey shambolic rock by a new band called Dracula Legs.  At least one Welsh person in the band so, yeah!  

I was gonna post a track by another garagey girl band from Spain called Hinds but I can't find the track I liked -- must take better notes next time!  

Here's something a lot softer by Sufjan Stevens.  I've never been too sure about him but I've always liked what I've heard so I should probably give him more of a chance.  I don't like too-precious indie artists so I've been very wary.  I first heard of him back when he was planning on putting out an album about every state in the US, and put out Michigan.  I've been hearing this track he remixed himself a bit and each time I have to stop and properly listen; it really is very affecting.  Blue Bucket of Gold, which I believe is off an album about his parents -- I may have to get it, seems very suitable for winter.

Deerhunter now with something a bit more upbeat.  Nice vibes here:

I was actually going to end with some Billy Joel but I changed my mind.  Instead I'll end with this -- remember it?  If it came out today it'd be accused of all kinds of cultural appropriation and that.  It probably was a bit at the time too.