Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feel the bass

I have a feeling F&F are going to like this one.

I've been listening to this track for ages and only now just realized I should post it up. It's called 'Broken' by Martyn via the UK - you can tell because it totally has that London sound. Its from about 3 years ago.

This tune is amazing - it is enchanting and exhilarating. Let it take you in:

This song almost makes me want to put my speakers next to my windows and blast the tune, like this man right here in 'La Haine'.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Love Festival 2010

One Love delivers yet again. Found out about this festival last year during my first summer in Istanbul. It was alright back then with M83, Starsailor, and best of all, Tricky. This year we almost didn't go. We were being lazy yesterday and got to the venue very late. No matter though, we got there just in time for who we actually wanted to see - Fischerspooner and Groove Armada.

Mannn this was tight! As soon as Fischerspooner came on you knew it was gonna be wicked. They're so extravagant with costume changes, dancers, and visuals. I know that's gay, and they're DEFINITELY gay, but I'm telling you, it worked. The atmosphere was brilliant, you couldn't help but be caught up in it and dance your ass off. Their sound is electroclash/electropop, basically good-sounding 80's music with hard beats. Their look is Lady GaGa turned up to 10 with originality and comedy. The singer was bloody hilarious! At the end of their set he tried to surf the crowd all the way to the back and then the front again but the Istanbul crowd didn't know what he was on about and it took three attempts for him to get it done.

It would be very difficult for Groove Armada to top that but they came close with the first few numbers of their headline slot. Live, Groove Armada were basically a rock band which also managed to combine electronic music. The best thing about them were their singers though. SaintSaviour in particular was a revelation. She was so into what she was doing. Every beat was choreographed with a dance move. The band weren't bad either. At one point one of them brought out a trumpet for Groove Armada's first hit, "At the River" which was pretty cool. Overall, One Love Istanbul is so good I'm considering coming back for it next year from America. And check out some Fischerspooner. If they manage to recreate their live sound on record their albums must be awesome.

Rating: 11/10

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Therapy? Troublegum

Feraz reminded me of these boys recently and whilst looking them up on youtube I realised how great this album was and how many good tracks there were on it. I bought this on tape when I was about 14 or 15 cos I liked a couple of singles off it and I had a coupon to get it cheaper than normal. The tracks I initially liked where 'Trigger Inside' and 'Nowhere', which were the first singles I heard off it. As a disaffected teenager in the Welsh valleys I felt like the songs spoke to me; plus they were good to play loud and Therapy? were definitely making the kind of music that parents frowned upon. They'd pop up on Radio 1 every now and then. Thinking about it now, it's quite amazing how much time I had to listen to the radio back then. Anyway, once I got the album and listened to it repeatedly more and more of it seemed pretty damn good. Below is a selection. Back then 'Knives' was of course the highlight, but I'd say all the tracks have held up pretty well over time.