Friday, May 27, 2011

I am the paper above the skyscaper. + Massive x Gui Boratto

That GusGus post got me nostalgic for this classic track -- the first GusGus track I ever hard. I'm pretty sure I have this video on a promo VHS cassette somewhere -- if you're old you may remember the weird foam VHS videos some bands would give out as promos. I hope I still have it!

Also posting this not-new but still very good remix of Massive Attack's 'Paradise Circus' by Gui Boratto. Who is he/she? No idea, but you may be familiar with this track from the TV... it's on ads for a car company who I won't name cos it'll make the track seem less cool:

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Gui Boratto Remix) by lucidonline

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Icelandic Hi-Tech Soul

GusGus! Remember them? Polyesterday? A great track from yesteryear and then the band kind of -- went away. But not really, I just didn't hear about them. Turns out they've been signed to German dance music label Kompakt for a bit and are about to come out with a new album ('Arabian Horse'). I wouldn't really care except the track I've heard from the album is grrrreat! Smooth sexy vocal house, as good as their old stuff but with a better beat. I lowe it! Check it below.

GusGus - Over

I really really hope they come and do some live stuff now, cos if half their new stuff is as good as this track they will be amazing.

In other news, James Blake is going on tour again. I hope I get to the tickets before the scalpers this time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alarming (sorry)

So someone has made an album entirely out of the sounds made by an alarm clock. Yes indeed. That someone is Jon Brooks who's made a bit of an ambient record based off sounds from a classic Braun alarm clock like the one below:

Weird but kind of cool. He basically sampled and then manipulated the sounds until he had a full range of notes, so it's not as amazing as it may at first seem, but still beyond what I could do. How he did it is quite interesting ; you can hear him talk about that below, and listen to the entire album here.

Jon Brooks - Music For Dieter Rams - An explanation of techniques. by cafekaput

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I was growing up Chad Valley was the name of a Woolworths toy brand. I had a cricket set from them which was quite good. But people made fun of it and called it Chav Valley. Now Chad Valley's the name of a musician who's putting out some rather smooth dance tunes, like the one below. Times change, eh?

Chad Valley - Equatorial Ultravox - 05 Fast Challenges

That's taken from this EP:

Haven't heard a lot of his other stuff yet, but will be checking more out; as should you.

A belated Goodbye to the Streets

Aah, yes, the Streets are no more. Other than a few remaining tour dates, Mike Skinner's musical project are all but done with. 'Computers & Blues' came and went, and it was a mixed affair, like most recent Streets albums. Having said that I think I prefer it to the last few albums; there are some thoughtful and melancholy tracks that are well put together, but perhaps it's the knowledge that that's it that is adding some poignancy for me. Still, I think Mike is one of the best at reproducing the garagey sound with the female vocals added for an extra touch of sweetness -- street music that's for more than dancing to. The last track on the album is 'Lock the Lock's and it's one of the standouts. Here's a video that uses various Streets video-art to make a video -- proving that not only is Mike a great musician, he's a pretty good visual artist too. There's talk of him doing video and soundtrack work in the future, I just hope I hear about it and get to check it out. Only one US tour date has been announced so far -- it's in New York, in August, which is also when my baby is due, so I don't think I'll be going to that...