Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday night lights (off)

One of my current favourite electronic musicians, Dauwd, has a new remix out that I've been grooving to here in the office.  It's out on Ghostly records.

He's also got track on this free Ghostly compilation.

I'll post some more dancey stuff while I'm at it.  Floating Points is an artist I've heard of but only recently heard.  His most recent release is Nuits Sonores, and it's a pretty epic 12 minutes, featuring some nice acid squelches:

Going back a few weeks now to New Year's eve.  I was at home with my three year old, who had no idea that it was NYE, or even what that means, so there was no need for her to stay up til midnight.  That didn't stop us tuning into some UK radio though, and hearing their new year hit five hours before ours did!  There were a couple of great tracks leading up to the big moment, which I'll post for you below.  They're relatively route one, but still good.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


In a week during which it seems like all Muslims have been placed into one big homogeneous box, here's Hanni El Khatib to mess with people's expectations.  Spooky video; I appreciate the normal America locales of multi-lane roads and big box stores.

The UK is so cool that this little track reached number one in 1978:

Digging the jazzy music in this new De La Soul track:

Lastly, if you work from home or are just able to listen to LOADS of music at once, you could do worse than check out this 1000 song playlist that Caribou's put together on youstube.  I took a listen earlier and didn't hear a single dud -- mind you, I barely made a dent.  He recommends putting shuffle on but I'm thinking it'll be easier to keep track of things if you go sequential.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twee bags

The title of this post is a bit mis-leading, as I actually like both the tracks I'm about to post.  I was going to write about some club bangers I heard on New Year's Eve but I'll save those for now.  Today's been a snowy day here in DC, or at least it was this morning (the sun's out now).  That meant a slow day for me, so I started listening to this six hour mix by Floating Points and Four Tet.  The length of the thing would be a total turn off normally, but since it's a slow day I've been getting through it.  

I've written about H. Hawkline before, and now he's got a nice new track out.  Here's hoping he tours the US as he's got an album coming out in February.

This track by the Cardigans was the first one I ever heard by them.  It randomly came back to me today and I was happy when I realised I wasn't humming Lovefool to myself.

Listening to this has reminded me how much I liked the Cardigans 2003 album 'Long Gone Before Daylight'.  I think I'll see if I still do.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

Nowhere Human

I heard "Waterloo Sunset" by the Kinks twice in the last couple of weeks, and each time it gave me that sad I-want-to-go-home feeling.  Recently I've been pondering home and places to live and I've realised that I may never really feel at home.  This may be something I have in common with other emigrants/immigrants -- a feeling that home is now only a place that exists in my head, an amalgamation of geography with nostalgia and fantasy.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a fact really, but I'm starting to think that no-matter where I am I'll always feel like a bit of an outsider.